BGS to PSA Crossover/Conversion Service

Convert your Beckett Grading Services (BGS) graded cards to PSA

Do you have BGS 9.5 that you would like to convert to a PSA 10?

Or maybe it’s a 8.5 you’d like to convert to a 9. Whatever the case may be, the collecting universe knows that with very few exceptions, it’s better to have a PSA graded card rather than BGS, SGC or any other grading service if you want to maximize the value of your card. 

Whatever the case may be, at Diamond Elite Card Services we specialize in maximizing the likelihood of converting your non PSA Graded card over to PSA. 

How Our PSA Crossover Conversion Service Works

  1. You send us your card in it’s slab for us to review. We do a thorough assessment of the card (apart from the subgrades) and give you our expert opinion as to the likelihood of achieving your desired PSA grade. With our input, you make the decision whether or not to attempt to convert. 
  2. We carefully open your slab and prep the card for PSA submission to ensure the card achieves the best possible grade, then we submit to PSA for grading. 
  3. The card gets graded

How Much Does Our PSA Conversion Service Cost?

Our PSA Conversion service is done on a contingency basis meaning you only pay if your card achieves it’s desired grade from PSA. In the event that the grade is successful, our cost is 10% of the value disparity between the current grade the achieved grade at the time of submission. We use to determine these prices and in the event the value of the card is not determined, we agree on a price prior to submitting. 

What Guarantees Do You Offer As Part Of Your PSA Conversion Service?

To be clear, we make no guarantees that the conversion will be successful and it’s important to understand that if we open a sealed graded card, it’s a possibility that the card never grades that highly again. It’s rare that happens but it’s a risk you need to be fully aware of. 

The guarantees we do provide however are: 

  • We will give you a highly educated opinion as to whether it’s worth cracking and submitting to PSA
  • You will not be charged anything by us if you don’t get the PSA grade you wanted
  • Your card will not be damaged in any way by Diamond Elite Cards during the submission process and in the event it is, your card is insured for it’s value upon sending it to us, up to $5,000

If you have a card that you are considering converting, contact us at and we’ll help give you best possible advice and service to ensure the highest possible grade from PSA.