PSA Grading Submissions

Get Higher PSA Grades, Faster and Cheaper

Want to submit your cards to PSA but don’t know where to get started? We have a simple, easy to follow process to submit your cards through our PSA account. By doing so, you get the benefits from subbing through a company that sends hundreds (if not thousands) of cards to PSA grading each month. This equates to less hassle, faster turnaround and better service than the average collector can get submitting to PSA on their own. A lot of times, we’ll also save you money on your submissions as well.

Why Trust Diamond Elite For Your PSA Subs
  • Save money on Economy & Regular Submissions
  • We handle all the paperwork & hassle
  • We’ll pull cards that we don’t think will grade properly
  • We offer wipe down services
  • We help you get the highest grade possible

Pros of Grading Through PSA

  • Maximize Resale Value

  • Fantastic Grading Criteria & Fraud Detection

  • Strong Authenticity & Guarantee

Get Started Now

How It Works

  • Fill out this form.

  • Ship your cards to us in card savers & semi-regids.

  • We, process your cards per your service level, submit them to PSA, keep you in the loop and notify you when payment is due.

  • Upon payment, we ship your cards to you.

Up Front Pricing

Our PSA Pricing


Card Value

PSA Price

Our Price

Value $499 $30 $30
Economy $999 $50 $49
Regular $1,499 $100 $99
Express $2,499 $150 $165
Super Express $4,999 $300 $319
Walk Through $9,999 $600 $659
Premium 1 $24,999 $1,000 $1,099

Dual Service (Card & Auto)


Card Value

PSA Price

Our Price

Economy $999 Not Listed $69
Regular $1,499 $120 $119
Express $2,499 $180 $199
Super Express $4,999 $360 $399
Walk Through $9,999 $720 $779
Premium $24,999 $1,200 $1,299

Additional (Optional) Costs

  • White Glove Service - Send your cards with no spreadsheet or paperwork and we will sort it all out for you - $5/card
  • Wipe Down Service - $3/Card
  • Insurance - $17 for every $1000, $10 for every $500
  • Card Savers .50 each
  • Flag bad cards - we'll grade cards ourselves before we sub and pull bad cards for $10 each card pulled. Highly recommend if you are submitting 20+ cards as it can save you money in submissions.